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Connacht is a ASP / ASP.NET web application made available by Bowmain Ltd. The following is provided as part of the project.


The application can be deployed by simply expanded the zip file into a web directory. A working version of the site can be found here, sometimes, depending on ISP outages, etc.  This is also a development server so please expect the site to be down from time to time, and bits that did work to stop working.


Connacht has been tested with Windows 2000 Advanced Server running .NET Framework and SQL Server 2000. Connacht should work with all later versions of Windows and SQL Server.

Current Status

The current version is a development version only.


The screenshots below are circa January, 2003. Little development has occurred since then as the author is studying for his M.Sc. as a precursor to Law.

Login Page Consultants Page Company Page
Client Page Contracts Page Assets Page
Accounts Page Calendar Transactions Page
Invoices Page

License Agreement

Connacht is available from Sourceforge under the GPL. This means that You must be willing to publish the source code of any derivative work. Alternatively You may use any Connacht resource free of charge for any purpose, provided that You

  1. acknowledge in documentation that part of the work is Copyright to Bowmain Ltd.
  2. provide a link in your application to Bowmain Ltd, and provide a statement acknowledging that parts of the application are Copyright to Bowmain Ltd. If the resource is used as part of a website, then the following HTML segment

    must be clearly included on the website along with the acknowledgement. The HTML segment above should look like

    Bowmain Logo

    If software is used in part of a user interface that is not a webpage, then the link must be implemented in such a way that it is expected that in most cases and where it is possible, clicking on the link will activate any installed browser and display the Bowmain home page at http://www.bowmain.com.

  3. retain the original copyright notices on all resources.

Bowmain makes no claims about the suitability of software for any task and offers no warranty. The software is offered "as is" and Bowmain does not accept any liability for any damages incurred by use of the software.

Privacy Statement

The software contains no "addware". i.e. It does not install any software components and it does not "phone home". i.e. it does not attempt to send information to Bowmain via the Internet or by any other means. Connacht requires the browser to accept cookies.


"To hell or to Connacht" - Oliver Cromwell.

This site is dedicated to the memory of the 5/6th of the population of Ireland exterminated by Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658 AD). Oliver Cromwell is still celebrated in Britain and was nominated as one of the ten greatest Britons of all time in a recent BBC poll.


Please feel free to provide feedback including bug reports and request for enhancements to sokane@bowmain.com