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The ip-poster project has changed considerable since originally it began life on SourceForge. It now consists of 3 separate applications
(1) ip-poster,
(2) gWizard - C# / stored procedure code generator,
(3) Connacht - on-line accounting application.


gWizard is a .NET code generator. It (will) creates C# business objects and supporting SQL Server stored procedures, although any database dependency is limited to a single class. gWizard is written in C#. 

The current development version of GWizard.exe can be downloaded from here and was built with v1.0.3705 of the .NET Framework. Source is also available at Sourceforge.

gWizard comes equipped with GUI (shown below) to manipulate meta-data used for code generation. gWizard stores the meta-data in a XML file using .NET object serialisation. The structure of this XML file is sufficiently complex that it is recommended that the GUI is used for all configuration changes.

Diagram Errata: Template node renamed to "Code Generation". Base node renamed to "Data Members". Additional Parameters node renamed to "Context Fields".

Code generation can be performed from the GUI or from the command line.


Current release is version 1.0 and has been used to generate business objects for Connacht. Further development of Connacht has revealed a number of bugs that will be addressed by the next release.


gWizard should run on any platform that supports C# and the CRT. At the moment that means Microsoft Operating Systems.


There are a number of obvious enhancements.

  • Loading of external code generators. Code generator are loaded dynamically based on assembly and class name, but the list of code generators is currenlty hard-coded.
  • gWizard currently only talks to SQL Server. gWizard can be expanded by providing and dynamically loading adapters for various databases. 
  • Support for more than one data source.

These enhancements are not currently planned for future release.


After thinking about this subject for some time, the author has had some thoughts about Relational DB and OO that affect the future direction of this project. These thoughts, which simple begin with some well known facts about RDB concludes with some suggestions about a relational development language. 


The only documentation available is here and is incomplete

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